Super Bash XXI | Sunday, February 11 | The Princeton

Celebrating 21 Years!


As we approach the 21st Annual Super Bash, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the unwavering support of our generous sponsors and supporters. Your continued support each year has helped to not only build the foundation of this organization but also to help grow our reach year after year.


Financial need doesn't announce its arrival; it simply arrives, turning lives upside down in its path. In these moments, the privacy of individuals often leads them to bear these burdens in silence. But it's in this silence that our mission finds its voice. With the generosity of our sponsors and the community, we continue to carry forward with a mission to never say no. And for this, we are sincerely grateful.


With each sponsorship or donation received, we reinforce our commitment to stand by those in need. Thank you, again, for your continued support of Friend In Need for more than two decades. It is because of funding from families and community members like you, that we are celebrating 21 years in existence.


The Whitebrier | 260 20th Street, Avalon | $10 Donation

About Us

Cape May County is truly a unique community.  We live and work together and in times of need, not only do we turn towards each other for support, we are confident that we will receive it. 

Friend In Need was created within our community, and exists solely to help those who are in need in Cape May County.  In the years since this foundation has been established, Friend In Need has raised thousands of dollars for local friends and family.

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